Last updated on September 8, 2021

What to know about CyberGhost (Review)

Prevent data throttling, access geo-blocked services, avoid bandwidth throttling and secure your network with CyberGhost

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Why It Is The Best

The major function of a VPN is to protect your identity via an encrypted connection. With this, your privacy will not be tracked or detected online. If you are looking for the most reliable way to prevent data throttling, access geo-blocked services, avoid bandwidth throttling and secure your network, a VPN is the best option you can explore.

Here is the problem

The issue is that not all VPN services can actually offer all of these benefits. It is the reason why you need a reliable and proven VPN provider. This post will be giving you an unbiased review about CyberGhost. Just ensure to read the details from start to finish and make decision today.

What we discovered about CyberGhost VPN

After using CyberGhost, we discovered that its claims were absolutely true. For instance, it offered users numerous server options. One of its most amazing features is the ES 256-bit encryption which ensures military-grade protection. You will be completely anonymous with this. Whether you are making use of a public Wi-Fi or want protection for online transactions, CyberGhost is the real deal. Probably you don’t understand what 256-bit encryption means. It implies your passwords can be made to have up to 256 characters for better protection. The longer the characters, that is how you will enjoy more protection. Right now, 256-bit seems to be the highest.

As compared to most of its competitors in the market, CyberGhost is steps ahead in terms of its VPN features. For instance, it has more than 7,400 different servers in over 110 locations. With these options, you can easily switch between servers at will for the ultimate protection. Its advanced VPN ensures that you won’t have to bother about activities of hackers. This has been possible due to its highly sophisticated encryption. Apart from hackers, government authorities and ISPs can’t track you.

Protection from IP address & DNS leaks

It is true that VPNs are meant to make you anonymous while surfing the web. However, they are usually vulnerable to the problem of IP address and DNS (Domain Name System) leakage. This has been a major concern for VPN users over the years. When it happens, your online identity can be easily tracked. This is because DNS servers are usually in possession of your data which can be accessed by not just your ISP but also unauthorized parties.

In a nutshell, your ISP can easily track all your online activities whenever there is DNS leakage. This problem may sound simple but it can cost you a lot. It is the reason why you need a tested and proven VPN service like CyberGhost. With this company, such issue will be completely non-existent. Apart from being able to run a leak test, it can be fixed.

With its no-log policy, your identity will be fully protected. This means that there will not be any storage of your browsing history or activities. Most VPN providers claim to have the “no log policy” in place. After trying out many of these companies to validate their claims, we discovered that only few of them, including CyberGhost can be trusted. Truly, it doesn’t save your personal details, online activities like downloads, websites visited, and others.

Optimum Performance & Speed

Many companies out there are making claims about offering your digital identity maximum protection. While this is true, there are other factors you still need to consider. For instance, a VPN may protect you without any problem. However, it is not fast. Again, this can make your identity to be easily detected. There is always this belief that VPNs are usually slow due to data encryption and decryption.

This is not true in any way because with a premium VPN like CyberGhost, you will experience fast connection. It means your internet connection will not be affected while you are surfing the web. One of the reasons why CyberGhost stands out amongst other VPNs is that regardless of any server location you are choosing, the speed remains the same. It doesn’t really matter whether you are using a server in US, UK, China or any other location. You are still going to experience fast internet connection.

We managed to use CyberGhost VPN for activities like streaming, downloads, and gaming. It is fair enough to say that it was very fast. This is truly a premium VPN that has lived up to its claims. we tested it and successfully explored platforms like Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Eurosport, Foxtel, CBC and many others. It was super-fast! Even if you are looking for torrent downloads, its P2P-optimized servers can make such happen.

Multiple devices are allowed

In order to get the best experience from using digital devices, you need uncompromised protection. CyberGhost VPN ensures that you can make use of your internet-connected devices/gadgets without any limitation. For instance, you can easily connect up to 7 devices at once. Don’t forget that many VPN applications on the internet don’t allow that much. The maximum most of them allow is 4-5.

However, you are offered more protection while connecting about 7 gadgets simultaneously. These could be devices like Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

Easy installation process

This is one of the most amazing parts about our CyberGhost experience. We were not computer geeks. However, we managed to set it up and running within few minutes. It is a simple process that anyone without technical skill and knowledge can do.

Even if you have a challenge during the installation process, you can contact its customer support. They can prove to be very helpful.

Final verdict on CyberGhost

Overall, I think CyberGhost definitely deserves the 5-star ratings it has gotten from numerous users all over the world. This is one of the few VPN applications that hasn’t compromised on its features as it is committed towards giving customers like you the best. When it comes to data protection, it ticks all the boxes. The best part is that it comes with a 45day moneyback guarantee. This means you are trying it out without risking your money. You are just a few steps away from browsing the internet with 100% anonymity.

What does CyberGhost charge?

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