Last updated on September 8, 2021

What to know about VyprVPN (Review)

The VPN of Choice for Millions Around the World.

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VyprVPN is among the most reliable VPN services in the market. It is owned and managed by the company Golden Frog. VyprVPN safeguards and protects the data of over two million users all over the world. VyprVPN is user-friendly and can be downloaded on all Android and iOS devices. As much as five different devices can be connected at the same time with VyprVPN. You can connect safely on the move or at home.

VyprVPN makes your life online easier by unblocking streaming platforms, offering good speed to its users, and allowing you to use torrent services conveniently.

Performance and Speediness: Is VyprVPN Quick?

The baseline speed for VyprVPN is 300 Mbps download/300 Mbps upload. For the best speed outcome with VyprVPN, you should use WireGuard® tunneling protocol where possible. It produced an excellent speed test outcome which is convenient for gaming.

Is Streaming Convenient with VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is one of the best-known VPNs for streaming. It effectively unblocks media services that are restricted geographically. This enables you to catch up on movies or TV series immediately after they are released. For the unblocking to be effective, you must solely rely on your VPN connections. There is no possibility of setting it up on devices that are not compatible with VPNs. There are no additions such as SmartDNS. However, you can bypass this by setting up a VPN on a router.

Is VyprVPN convenient and secure for Torrenting?

Some years ago, VyprVPN was among the most restrictive VPN service providers, but presently, it offers one of the most torrent-friendly services. VyprVPN didn't permit torrenting, and if torrent files were downloaded by users, they could be prohibited making use of VyprVPN’s servers. The speed of download for torrent files doesn't presently exceed 5MB/s.

Is VyprVPN Secure and Safe?

VPN technology used by VyprVPN safeguards your security and privacy with security with several encryption protocols such as secure DNS and WireGuard. VyprVPN provides robust security and prevents your connection from intruders. You also enjoy features like personalized Kill Switch if your connection drops when you install VyprVPN. In addition, VyprVPN has a struck no-log policy, which means no third party can have access to your data.

VyprVPN Tunneling and Encryption Protocols

Upon installing the VyprVPN client, connection is established with one of VyprVPN's servers. The connection established with the server is encrypted. VyprVPN makes use of the encryption, AES-256-CBC. This encryption is among the most secure and safe ciphers. This is the reason why several banking institutions frequently use it. In addition, authentication is carried out using the algorithm, SHA-256, when the connection with the server is established.

You might also choose a different tunneling protocol that is appropriately suited for your specific choice. VyprVPN comes with a limited amount of options for tunneling protocols. These are OpenVPN, WireGuard, Chameleon, and IKEv2. WireGuard very fast and flawlessly. It is the most impressive of all.

Features of VyprVPN

1. Public Wi-Fi Protection

It is risky to often connect to public Wi-Fi networks. You can't always be sure how the network is managed. However, VyprVPN has an easy but reliable solution for such connection to unknown networks. If you are sure of your home network and only need to use a VPN elsewhere, you should use the Public Wi-Fi protection feature of VyprVPN. You can set the application to connect to the VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi automatically.

2. Malicious Site Block

This feature of VyprVPN protects you from malicious links. Upon connection to VyprVPN, it blocks every website that appears on its malware domain block list. In case you come across a malicious site when browsing, you will be shown a warning about the potential harm the website will cause.

3. Kill Switch

The Kill Switch is protects your connection to the server when your device’s connection to the VyprVPN server is interrupted. With your skill Switch turned off, the connection automatically resumes when the connection is interrupted; and your browsing activities will be directly routed through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP might provide information on your browsing activities. This could also reveal your IP address while torrent files are downloaded. With your IP address revealed, you can be easily identified.

VyprVPN offers various options on how this feature can be configured. The Kill Switch can be configured via Application Level, System Level, allowing or blocking LAN traffic. Be reminded that the Kill Switch is turned off when you quit the app. Kill Switch is found on MacOS, Android, and Windows versions. Kill Switch is not available for iOS users.

4. Logging

VyprVPN has a strict policy on data retention. Its office is in Switzerland. In its privacy policy, it is stated, "VyprVPN VPN Service has zero-log. Users’ data are not retained or kept when the service is utilized". The IP address assigned to you, timestamps of connections established, and communication content are not retained.

5. Connection per App

Connection per App is referred to split-tunneling feature by VyprVPN. This feature lets you decide which apps you want to be routed through a VPN in your device. The other traffic is then routed unencrypted through your regular network.


VyprVPN aims to enhance your internet security and privacy by providing easy-to-use tools and protocols that are anonymous. VyprVPN excels in its competitive pricing structure, transparency, and 24-hour customer support in its way of conducting its business. Our Experts Reviewed VyprVPN and their expectations got exceeded.

What does VyprVPN charge?

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